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This in a new site for UNCERT. The software is remaining freeware, but my association with the Colorado School of Mines is less well defined, and I felt it was time to move the package, as much as possible, off the CSM web server.


UNCERT is a public domain uncertainty analysis and geostatistical software package. It was developed for evaluating the inherent uncertainty in describing subsurface geology, hydraulic properties, and the migration of hazardous contaminants in groundwater flow systems. The package is well suited for evaluating hazardous waste sites and evaluating remediation methods, but the package also has many general modules which are usable by researchers from a wide range of disciplines.


In addtion to UNCERT, I have been working on serveral other projects. The most relevent to UNCERT is the on-line Geostatistical Analysis Tutor. This is a work in progress, but the semivariogram anaysis section is largely complete.

I will also be releasing command line programs I've written for things like Principle Component Analysis or Discriminant Analysis that I've found useful, but have not had the time to incorperate into UNCERT.

Finally, I'm posting my personal research on this site.

For more information: info@uncert.com Last Modified: October 2, 2014