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UNCERT: A Geostatistical Uncertainty Analysis Package Applied to Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling

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Currently, UNCERT is the only software package I have available for download. It is designed for UNIX systems running X-windows and Motif. This, however is no longer a restriction for Windows users. Using the "Cygwin" package and ports of X11R6, and motif, I have UNCERT running on my Windows 2000 machine. Using MachTen, I've also had UNCERT running on my Macintosh.

I've had large plans of converting UNCERT from C to Java. These plans are still in the works and should yield a much better product, but progress is slow.

UNCERT is a public domain uncertainty analysis and geostatistical software package. It was developed for evaluating the inherent uncertainty in describing subsurface geology, hydraulic properties, and the migration of hazardous contaminants in groundwater flow systems. The package is well suited for evaluating hazardous waste sites and evaluating remediation methods, but the package also has many general modules which are usable by researchers from a wide range of disciplines.

VS2DI: Variably Saturated 2D Porous Media Flow Model

This is program I collaborated on with the U.S. Geological Survey. I helped write and design the GUI interface. You can find out more at:


Miscellaneous Tools:

I will be posting code for things like Principal Component Analysis and Discriminant Analysis here soon. Most of these tools will eventually be be merged into UNCERT, but these are a first cut to get the job done.

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