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UNCERT FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Version 1.30a Beta Releases

Frequently asked General Questions

Where can I get UNCERT?
UNCERT source code, software, and user's manual can be downloaded from:


Where is UNCERT going?

When is the next release expected?
Unknown. There are no imediate plans for an update.

Who are our sponsors?
We would like to thank these organizations for their previous or current support. Without their support UNCERT would not be possible.

  • United States Bureau of Reclamation
  • United States Army Corp of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station
  • Sandia National Laboratories

If you are interested in sponsoring additional research or software develpoment, we are interested in talking with you. One restriction we do impose on all work though, is that we are able to distribute the results of our efforts to our users free of charge.

When are you going to add ...
This is a fairly common question. UNCERT supports a number of geostatistical techniques, modeling programs, and visualization tools, but in no way does it exhaustively cover any of these fields. Currently my focus is on correcting bugs, adding several small new features, and soon porting UNCERT to Windows95/NT. As a result, there are unlikely to be any major new additions in the imediate future (such as co-kriging or Gaussian simulation).

If you do have ideas on how to improve a module, particularly if they are relatively small items, please let me know. When I like the idea, find it useful, and think I can do it quickly, I have turned the idea around in a few days and returned it back to the user.

For more information: info@uncert.com