A Geostatistical Uncertainty Analysis Package Applied to Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling

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New! PORT TO WINDOWS 95/98/NT: I've finally started the port. This is still going to take some time, but it will happen. I'm rewritting UNCERT in Java. This has the advantage of being (in theory) completely platform independent. If I'm careful, the same code should work on UNIX, Windows, and Macintosh computers without modification or recompiling. I've roughed out a Java version of plotgraph which I will post soon. By mid-April I'm committed to have Java versions of vario and variofit available. Stay tuned.

The code isn't quite ready for the Macintosh. Apple has not ported Java JDK 1.1.6 which I'm using, and SGI (where I develop), hasn't released a Java JDK 1.2 version (there are Apple, Sun, and Windows versions). I expect SGI will catch up soon though, and I will have a common version.

The down side of Java is that it can be SLOW, a 50% performance hit is not unexpected. As a result, I will not recommend this version for users running on anything less than a Pentium 166 with 64MB of RAM. My old P60 with 32MB of RAM was very slow. My office P200 with 64MB of RAM is 10 to 20 times faster on some tasks. I think the lack of memory was killing my old machine.


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Program and Module Descriptions:

UNCERT is a public domain uncertainty analysis and geostatistical software package. It was developed for evaluating the inherent uncertainty in describing subsurface geology, hydraulic properties, and the migration of hazardous contaminants in groundwater flow systems. The package is well suited for evaluating hazardous waste sites and evaluating remediation methods, but the package also has many general modules which are usable by researchers from a wide range of disciplines. The modules included in UNCERT are briefly described below.

Array: An utility for perform mathmatical operations on one, two, or a series of 2D or 3D grids. Block: A visualization package for viewing 3D scattered data and 3D finite-difference (block/rectangular) grids. Block can also do rough volume calculations. Contour: A 2D contouring and gradient analysis package. Grid: A 2D and 3D gridding program. Inverse-Distance, Simple and Ordinary Kriging, and Trend-Surface Analysis are supported. Histo: A utility for doing univariate statistics. Histogram, Box and Wisker Plots, and Probability Plots are supported. Mainmenu: A simple menu interface to select the other UNCERT modules. Modmain: A GUI pre- and post-processor for MODFLOW. MT3Dmain: A GUI pre- and post-processor for MT3D. Plotgraph: A X-Y graph utility. Regression also supported. Sisim: A GUI pre- and post-processor for a Soft Indicator Kriging Simulator. Surface: A 2-1/2D visualization tool for viewing 2D grids as a surface. Color contouring, shaded relief, and gradient viewing options available. Vario: A tool to generate experimental semivariograms (1D and 2D) for irregularly scattered data, and gridded data. Variofit: A tool for modeling experimental semivariograms. All the program modules descibed use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with pull-down menus, pop-up dialogs, and when approprite graphic windows.

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For further information, contact Bill Wingle at wwingle@mines.edu

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