Evaluating Subsurface Uncertainty Using Modified Geostatistical Techniques

Ph.D. Dissertation #T-4595
William L. Wingle

Colorado School of Mines
Department of Geology and Geological Engineering
Golden, Colorado 80401

In order to make my dissertation accessable, I have reformatted it using FrameMaker into a PDF format readable and printable by Adobe Acrobat Reader (freeware). Note, the dissertation is not in its original format. The double spacing and single sided printing required by the University seemed inappropriate here. All of the figures have also been reduced between 2% to 20% (this does make some text difficult to read; my apologies). You can download the complete dissertation, or you can download only the sections that interest you. The UNCERT software package and example data files are linked below.

PDF Formated Files:
Section/Chapter TitleSize (K)Pages
Complete Dissertation 10328202
Abstract/TOC/Introduction 41 24
Jackknifing & Latin-Hypercube Sampling 488 24
Directional Semivariograms 1284 36
Class vs. Threshold Simulation 3044 50
Zonal Kriging 5448 42
UNCERT Summary 22 8
Summary/Bibliography/Appendix 33 18

NOTE: These documents are setup for double sided printing. If available select book style or alternate pages for printing.
Sorry for the size, but the original document is over 80MB with Postscript figures. With Adobe Acrobat Reader you do NOT need a Postscript printer to print these documents; a color printer is recommended though.

Software, Example Data Files, and User's Manual

UNCERT and UNCERT User's Manual

Data files will be added at a later date.


April 1997